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DreadOut Soundtrack & Manga DLC

This edition of DreadOut includes :
In-game Costume unlock code. Starting the game with Linda's wardrobe unlocked.
15 Tracks of music soundtrack.
100 pages of digital manga.

Linda's wardrobe includes three additional costumes. In the standard version, Linda's various costumes will unlock after completing the game.

FaceRig DreadOut Avatars DLC

The good talented people of FaceRig have released a DLC based on our very own characters. You’re probably familiar with Matianak from our act 2. Well now you can fool around with her facial expressions. And, of course you can also be our heroine, Linda.

If you’re wondering why Linda never speaks throughout the game, now is the time you can fool around with Linda and Matianak through this Free DLC from the good and talented people at Facerig. Be sure to download our 2 characters and have fun with them.

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